Accelerated Dance Training Program

A one-of-a-kind program that accelerates dance education for 9-12 year old beginners!

Looking to enroll in dance classes but have little to no experience? Our Accelerated Dance Program is for you!

Our curriculum is specifically designed for the beginner dance student age 9-12 who has discovered their passion for dance but needs essential foundational training before starting pointework or taking more advanced classes.

Our program provides in-depth instruction that expedites the new dancer’s education, allowing them to pursue their passion in a positive environment that challenges them appropriately and safely.

This program requires dedicated study with experienced teachers who prepare students for more advanced training in just one year. This is an incredible opportunity for the mature beginner dance student!

$220 per month
(20% off regular dance tuition!)

We’re proud to offer our Accelerated Dance Program at a 20% reduction in our standard dance tuition to help make this program more accessible to those desiring to kickstart their dance career!

We highly recommend all prospective students to enroll in the summer for 2 months of pre-season training in the months of June & July.

The program officially begins in August 2024 for the 2024-2025 dance season. This curriculum covers 2 years’ worth of dance education in only 10 months, featuring a blend of techniques from the Vaganova and Cecchetti methods.

Please note that availability in the program is limited. Only 8 students are accepted into this program each season. We maintain strict class-size limits to ensure students in this program receive the additional attention they need to meet important progress benchmarks.

Summer Schedule (June & July)
4.5 hours per week

Tuesdays 4pm-6:30pm: Ballet, Lyrical, & Conditioning
Thursdays 4pm-6pm: Ballet & Jazz

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 Schedule
4.5 hours per week

Mondays 6:30pm-8:30pm: Ballet & Jazz
Wednesdays 6:30pm-9pm: Lyrical, Ballet, & Conditioning

Spring Branch ISD Off Campus Health Fitness (OCHF) Program

Students enrolled at an SBISD middle school who would like to receive off-campus PE credit can enroll in the Accelerated Dance Program plus a 1-hour elective dance class to meet the minimum 5-hours-per-week requirement for the SBISD Off Campus Health Fitness (OCHF) program.

Accelerated Dance Program Details

Summer Schedule (June & July)

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 Schedule

These are the skills and concepts dancers will learn:

Ballet Class

  • Introduction to the history of ballet and the different methods of ballet
  • Ability to identify the eight points of the room
  • Understanding of the seven movements in dancing and their meaning: plier, étendre, relever, glisser, sauter, élancer, tourner
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th  positions of the feet
  • 1st, 2nd, demi-seconde, 3rd, fourth en avant, fourth en haut, fifth en bas, fifth en avant, and fifth en haut positions of the arms
  • Exercices à la Barre
    • Port de bras
    • Plié (demi and grand)
    • Tendu
    • Dégagé
    • Fondu
    • Piqué
    • Rond de jambe (à terre and en l’air en dehors and en dedans)
    • Sur le cou-de-pied
    • Frappé
    • Petit battement
    • Sous-sus
    • Demi-Détourné
    • Développé
    • Battement relevé lent
    • Grand Battement
    • Relevé vs. Élève
    • Retiré vs. Passé
    • Barre Stretching
    • R & L splits
  • Exercices au milieu
    • Adagio
    • Arabesque (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
    • Bourrée
    • Balancé
    • Petit Allégro vs. Grand Allégro
    • Sautés (1st, 2nd and Échappé)
    • Soubresaut
    • Changement
    • Temps Lié
    • Attitude (devant and derrière)
  • Traveling Across the Floor/Corner to Corner
    • Chassé
    • Chaîné turn
    • Piqué turn
    • Assemblé
    • Glissade
    • Pas de Chat
    • B-Plus position
    • Tombé
    • Pas de bourrée
    • Chassé pas de bourrée
    • Pirouette (en dehor & en dedan)
    • Polonaise
    • Sauté arabesque/sauté passé
    • Grand jeté
  • Exercices au milieu
      • Révérence

Lyrical Class

  • Center Exercices
    • Penché
    • Compass Turn
    • Attitude turn
    • Arabesque
    • Pirouette
    • Piqué
    • Pencil Turn
    • Forced Arch
  • Traveling Exercices
    • Tuck roll to floor
    • Fan Kick
    • X-Jump
    • Illusion
    • Chaîné turns (high & low)
    • Piqué Turns
    • Stag Leap
    • Grand Jeté
    • Tilt Kick
    • Attitude (devant and derrière)
  • Choreography
    • Use of emotion and expressiveness in dancing
    • Allow the music to influence one’s movements

Jazz Class

  • Introduction to the history of jazz dance
  • Isolations of head, shoulders, rib cage, and hips
  • Parallel and turned out positioning of the hip and leg during:
    • Plié
    • Relevé
    • Tendu
    • Grand Battement
    • Développé
    • Passé
  • Basic Jazz Steps/Positions:
    • Arm Positions: L, High V, low V
    • Jazz hands
    • Jazz square
    • Shimmy
    • Ball-change
    • Jazz split
  • Traveling Steps:
    • Jazz walks
    • Jazz pas de bourrée
    • Pirouette
    • Stag leap
    • Illusion
    • Coaster step
    • Pivot turn
    • Tuck roll to floor
    • Chaîné turns (high and low)
    • Fan kick
    • Hitch kick
    • Six step
    • Battement
    • Chassé step leap
    • Tilt kick
    • Tuck jump
    • Cross ball-change
    • Lindy