Fast Track Dance PRogram

A one-of-a-kind program that “fast-tracks” dance education for 9-12 year old beginners!

Looking to enroll in dance classes but have no experience? Our Fast Track Dance Program is for you!

Our curriculum is specifically designed for the beginner dance student age 9-12 who has discovered their passion for dance but needs essential foundational training before starting pointework or taking more advanced classes.

Our program provides in-depth instruction that “fast-tracks” the new dancer’s education, allowing them to pursue their passion in a positive environment that challenges them appropriately.

This program requires dedicated study with experienced teachers who ensure students are prepared for more advanced training in just one year. This is an incredible opportunity for the mature beginner dance student!

$186 per month
(50% off regular dance tuition!)

We’re proud to offer our Fast Track Dance Program at a 50% reduction in our standard dance tuition to help make this program more accessible to those desiring to kickstart their dance career!

4.5 hours per week

Monday 5:30pm-6:30pm: Ballet
Monday 6:30pm-7:30pm: Contemporary
Wednesday 5pm-6pm: Jazz
Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm: Ballet & Conditioning

Fast Track Program Details

These are the skills and concepts dancers will learn:

Ballet Class

  • Introduction to ballet history and methodology
  • Use of turnout and proper alignment
  • Port de bras (carriage of the arms)
  • 5 positions of the arms and feet
  • Barrework
    • Plie (demi and grand) 
    • Battement Tendu 
    • Degage
    • Pique
    • Rond de jambe a terre endehors and endedans
    • Releve and eleve
    • Releve lent
    • Retire
    • Coup de pied
    • Fondu
    • Frappe
    • Petit battement
    • Grand battement
    • Increased flexibility through specific stretch exercises
  • Center work
    • Balance step
    • Temps lie
    • Pas de bourree
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd arabesque
    • Chaine turns
    • Saute and echappe saute
    • Changement
    • Chasse 
    • Saute arabesque
    • Grand jete

Contemporary Class

  • Introduction to history of contemporary dance
  • Floorwork
    • Forward and backward shoulder roll
    • Floor roll (on back and seated)
    • Inversion
  • Parallel and turned out positioning of hips and legs:
    • Plie
    • Releve
    • Tendu
    • Grand battement
    • Tilt position
  • Release and positioning of the spine:
    • Lateral curve
    • Forward curve (C-curve)
    • High release (arch)
    • Flatback
  • Traveling steps:
    • Undercurve/overcurve
    • Triplet step
    • Prance
    • Stag leap
  • Choreography 
    • Combination memorization
    • Performance quality and expressiveness
    • Musicality and rhythm
    • Improvisation and personal expression

Jazz Skills

  • Introduction to history of jazz dance
  • Isolations- head/shoulder/rib/hip
  • Parallel and turned out positioning of hip and leg during:
    • Plie
    • Releve
    • Tendu
    • Grand battement
    • Developpe
    • Passe
  • Basic Jazz Steps/Positions:
    • Ball change
    • Pivot turn
    • Jazz sit
    • Jazz pas de bourree
    • Jazz walk
    • Fan kick
    • Pirouette prep exercise
  • Traveling steps:
    • Coaster step
    • 3 step turn to jazz sit
    • Chasse side ball change
    • Cross ball change
    • Grand jete
  • Choreography:
    • Combination memorization
    • Performance quality and expressiveness
    • Musicality and rhythm